3dog Entertainment

Juni, 2021

Do17Jun19:00ABGESAGTRobert Jon & The WreckNeuer Termin: 24.06.2022 - Tickets behalten ihre GültigkeitMusiktheater PianoHIER BITTETICKETPREISE:VVK 18,- € / AK 23,- € BEGINN:20.00 Uhr


20.00 Uhr


VVK 18,- € / AK 23,- €



Based out of Orange County, California, this award-winning quintet of seasoned touring veterans brings fire to the stage through their soaring guitar leads, 3-part harmonies and soul-activating groove. With 4 albums under their belt in as many years, new material in the works, and their 5th international tour departing Fall 2018, Robert Jon & The Wreck is a force to be reckoned with.


3dog-Entertainment oHGinfo[at]3dog-entertainment.de Ottostraße 2, 44147 Dortmund

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