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Neville Staple (The Specials)
feat. Sugary Staple

FROM THE SPECIALS starring NEVILLE STAPLE, the Legendary front man of The Specials, Fun Boy Three and Special Beat and his top class band. Also known as The Original Rude Boy, Neville celebrates 40 years of his super music career, and of the beginning of the 2-Tone movement. Awarded with an Honorary Doctorate by Arden University in July 2019, Neville Staple is credited with changing the face of popular music not only once but twice. His UK and International career in the music industry, is well documented and started out from the early days with Ray King, Pete Waterman (OBE), The Coventry Automatics and his Jah Baddis Sound System, before taking to the stage as a frontman of The Specials and performing at the famous tour with ‘The Clash’ and Bernie Rhodes. He has performed, written or produced, highly acclaimed and hit albums and singles, along with TV and film soundtracks, including performing on a song for the 2019 Spiderman blockbuster film and more music releases in 2020 and beyond. His musical awards also include MOJO, NME, Gold, Silver & Platinum Discs and a lifetime achievement award from Foxford School in his home City of Coventry (birthplace of the 2-Tone Movement). He is celebrated as a living legend.

Neville states, “I remember the massive reactions to the hit songs like Ghost Town, Too Much Too Young and Gangsters, and fans still write to me about my rugged, energetic and fun stage presence. The way we bring ska to the mainstream is by mixing Jamaican music with the English punky style. I love performing live and always include my Specials hits, along with other classics and career favourites. Every show is like a massive party, where the brilliant fans love to dance, stomp or sing-along. I was so proud to become an official Doctor of Music recently too. Dr Rude Boy! How cool is that!”

Neville continues to write, perform, collaborate and produce new music, including alongside his wife, Christine ‘Sugary Staple’, and his 2-Tone legacy is huge. The music that fused traditional Jamaican ska and
reggae music and style, with punk rock attitude, energy and musical edge. The movement helped to transcend and defuse racial tensions in Thatcher-era Britain and still resonates in today’s Brexit uncertainties. The actual black and white chequered imagery of 2 Tone has become almost as famous as the music itself. Neville has worked with other top International and mainstream artists too and his work is regularly shared on mainstream TV, Films, Radio and exhibitions, reflecting his highly successful career.

His bestselling autobiography, THE ORIGINAL RUDE BOY, was published by Aurum Press in 2009. Neville and the band are currently promoting anti-knife crime, during their UK and International tours, which follows the highly publicised and recent fatal stabbing of Neville’s 21-year-old grandson. Neville Staple and Sugary also work with schools, charities and youth groups, providing awareness talks, performance tips, music lesson guest-tuition and fund-raising activities. He is also a patron of the Coventry Music Museum at the 2Tone Village, Cefovid Uganda and is an Ambassador for various charities including Musicians Against Homelessness.

Neville Staple’s collaborations and joint tours / shows, have included all of the bands & artists shown, plus work with Amy Winehouse, Rancid, Save Ferris, No Doubt, Planet Smashers, Desmond Dekker, The Undertones, The Clash, UB40, The Jam, Sting, Madness, Midge Ure, Kim Appleby, Leee John, Toyah, Hazel O’Connor, Ferry Aid Collective, Bob Marley’s Estate, Bananarama, Dreadzone, Roy & Yvonne, Stranger Cole, Dub Pistols, plus so many more, over the decades.

The Neville Staple Band Musicians are a professional collective of musicians who have worked
in the music industry for decades, with various members and deps having regularly worked with The
Specials, The Selecter, Bad Manners, Madness, The Beat, The Talks, Flipron, Roy ‘Mr Symarip’ Ellis,
Rat Scabies, Stranger Cole, Dandy Livingstone and many, many more. Some of the band members
write and produce music too. The band includes Joe Atkinson, Sledge Armstrong, Matty Bane, Billy
Shinbone and Peter Johnson, plus regular appearances by Drew Stansall, Spencer Hague, Ross
Moore and other professional band members (see the web for more band info).

Sugary Staple (aka Christine Sugary Staple) is a vocalist who performs alongside her husband, the Legendary Neville Staple, as part of his ‘From The Specials’ Neville Staple band. She also provides day to day management and artistic direction and creation of the Band, and is especially known for bringing energy,
character and fun to the stage, during tours. She is currently performing songs from her recent joint ska/reggae/punk album, ‘Rude Rebels’. The album also features Roddy Radiation (Hey Little Rich Girl & Rat
Race), plus a reworking of Stranger Cole & Patsy Todd’s, ‘When I Call Your Name’, as a duet with Neville.

Sugary has been writing, producing and performing in film, video and music since her teens and although she came from a difficult and harsh childhood and early adult life, she still managed to graduate in Business Management and Health and Safety, as well as pursue her creative dreams in theatre, film, literacy and music.

Sugary spearheaded the famous Skamouth Festivals, works with celebrated artists from the UK and across the World, plus with schools, colleges & charities. She is an official patron of the 2Tone Village in Coventry and Cefovid Uganda, as well as an Ambassador for Music Against Homelessness. Sugary recently wowed audiences with her stage presence and performances during huge headline sets at Rewind, Let’s Rock and Rebellion Festivals. She also takes on regular roles for film and TV.

“Boomtown whipped up by Neville Staple..!”   Financial Times
“Out on his own, still pretty special”   Record Collector


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