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Dave Kelly | Bob Hall | Hilary Blyth Trio

Friends since they were neighbours in the sixties Dave Kelly & Bob Hall have had illustrious careers in the British Blues Scene and have won many awards for their artistry.

Dave Kelly, singer, guitarist and songwriter, is a founder member of The Blues Band (which has recently celebrated its 40th anniversary).  Dave cut his teeth in the backing bands of Howlin’ Wolf and John Lee Hooker, and has played with Buddy Guy, Son House & Muddy Waters. The Blues Band have released around twenty albums, and Dave has fifteen more either solo or with his own Dave Kelly Band

Bob Hall, singer, pianist and songwriter, is a founder member of The Groundhogs and Savoy Brown.  Bob has also accompanied Howlin’ Wolf and John Lee Hooker and a host of blues stars including Little Walter, Lightnin’ Slim and Homesick James. Bob has played on well over a hundred albums, including four solo piano albums and dozens more as band leader or co-leader.

Down the years Dave and Bob have had a number of critically-acclaimed joint projects, have played in each other’s bands and on each other’s records.

With such a pedigree it seemed natural to get together a show to exploit their joint talents.

Complimenting the duo is Hilary Blythe on bass, an emotive singer of classic blues and Bob’s partner off-stage. Hilary’s rock-solid bass has been part of the A-Team, accompanying Lil’ Jimmy Reed on his UK and international tours.

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