3dog Entertainment

Dear friends of Musiktheater Piano,

first of all a big thank you for all your support. You make us speechless every day anew. THANK YOU!

And today we also have some good news: We will open our pub and beer garden this Friday from 7 pm. Further opening hours can be found below. Even though this mere opening of the pub makes no economic sense for us, we are looking forward to it.

We have been preparing intensively for the reopening in the last few days and simply hope to see you again for a drink in the near future.

Of course we have to follow all hygiene and distance rules and ask you to support us in this. Please remember to wear a mouthguard when you enter the piano, because without one we will unfortunately have to deny you entry. We will then be happy to explain all other new and unusual rules for a visit to us personally.

We have created as many seats as possible in the inside area as well as in the beer garden and are simply looking forward to seeing you.

A short info about the ticket: until further notice there will be no VVK with us and we ask you to do everything by e-mail.

Corona opening hours:
Friday 7 to 12 pm // Saturday 6 to 12 pm