3dog Entertainment

Under this motto, a large number of Dortmund clubs, livelocations, organisers, artists and DJ's have joined together to form a community of interests in order to draw attention to the special problems of Dortmund's club and concert culture during the Corona crisis.

In March 2020, we were among the first companies to be closed down during the crisis and have since been bearing the brunt of a 100 percent drop in sales. It is absolutely unclear when a reopening could take place that makes sense from an economic point of view.

Our events and the spaces in which they take place contribute to the formation of the identity of young generations and create stages for the most diverse cultural developments. The diversity of our events and concerts in this city connects people in a peaceful way and is of inestimable intercultural social value.
The creative energy of this night culture has had a major impact on many generations of young people in this city. Their absence would leave an unfillable void.

With the now threatened insolvency of a large number of live venues and clubs, the ground on which young artists can flourish would simply be missing.

For these reasons, we would now like to enter into an open dialogue with the city of Dortmund in order to obtain help in these difficult times.

We are grateful for any support that makes our concern public, whether from the artistic field or in private circles. If you as organizers, locations or artists and DJ's are also affected by the crisis, you are welcome to join us and participate in our actions. But also if you have a private love for club and concert culture in Dortmund, you can join us.

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Every help counts. A thousand thanks!