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Dear friends of the Music Theater Piano,

vom 25.06. bis zum 11.08. bleibt das Musiktheater Piano geschlossen. Wir starten dann wieder am 12.08. mit einer “Staiway to Heaven” – Rockparty.  Anschließend haben wir ein volles Programm bis Ende des Jahres und würden uns freuen, wenn ihr zahlreich an den dann stattfindenden Veranstaltungen teilnehmen würdet.

The new start from March this year was very bumpy in most cases. Poor ticket sales and the aftermath of the Corona restrictions cost us a lot of nerves and a lot of money. As a result, there were also some concert cancellations, because either the profitability was not given, or some bands and artists cancelled or rescheduled their tours because of this.

We hope that everything will return to normal towards autumn and we will be able to ensure regular operations again.

But we also need your help: buy tickets and visit the concerts. We as operators and the bands/artists will thank you.

Until then, we wish you a great summer. We miss you already.

Your Musiktheater Piano Team