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Blackmore's Night are a phenomenon. With powerful, very own sound inspired by the sounds of late medieval music, their songs take you to another time. With their symbiosis of medieval melodies, mystical lyrics and modern music arrangements, Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and his wife Candice Night become representatives of a new music genre that is all about charm, joie de vivre and authenticity, in short, the archetypal essence of ancient music.

Historic instruments like shawm, bagpipes and hurdy-gurdy are combined with lush guitar sounds, and above it all floats Candice Night's bell-clear voice, which sends each song soaring to breathless musical heights. "When we started this project," Blackmore explained, "people were just like, 'You guys must be crazy. Why do you want to get into medieval music?' But we did it because it's more than just a hobby for us. For me personally, at that time, it was time to play something that I was convinced was one hundred percent honest." Numerous gold awards and a worldwide enthusiastic audience proves them right. Even in Deep Purple and later Rainbow times, Ritchie Blackmore's guitar style included sound elements from classical and renaissance music. The step to follow the roots of his creativity with his attractive wife Candice Night was less a venture than a matter of the heart. A decision that both fans from the old days and newly won friends always celebrate anew.

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